More smart meters for Ontario


Guelph Hydro

Guelph, ON, Canada — (METERING.COM) — February 21, 2007 – Canadian utility Guelph Hydro Electric Systems plans to introduce smart meters to some of its residential customers later in the year – yet another step in the journey towards installing a smart meter in every Ontario household by 2010.

The project calls for an initial 8,500 meters to be deployed, representing some 20% of Guelph Hydro’s total residential customer base. Using wireless technology, the meters will be read every hour, and those residents on the program will be encouraged to lower power consumption by using non-essential appliances during off-peak hours.

The utility’s remaining customers are likely to receive their smart meters some time in 2008. Guelph Hydro has applied for permission to increase electricity rates by 60 cents a month to cover part of the cost of the new meters.