NAESB’s ESPI standard at heart of Green Button initiative


Houston, TX, U.S.A. — (METERING.COM) — January 20, 2012 – The NAESB Energy Services Provider Interface (ESPI) standard, designed to provide a standardized process and interface for the exchange of retail customer energy usage information, is at the heart of the Green Button initiative.

The standard, which became an official NAESB standard at the end of 2011, was aimed to support the development of innovative products that will allow consumers to better understand their energy usage and to make more economical decisions related to their energy consumption.

The standard includes business practices, models and a schema, and it defines a consistent method for the authorization of third party access to retail consumer’s usage information and a standardized interface for the exchange of that information.

As the standard was being finalized several of the major California utilities committed to adopting the NAESB standard for the development of the Green Button application, which was launched earlier this week.

The Green Button is aimed to enable consumers to download their detailed usage information in an easy to understand, standardized format with one click on a button for their own use or for sharing with third parties.

In an effort to support the objectives of empowering consumers as they make energy decisions, NAESB is in the process of launching a new website that will provide detailed information about the standard, how it may be accessed and a tool kit to allow entrepreneurs and other interested parties the ability to design applications based upon the standard.