National Grid and Itron to pilot IPv6 smart grid solution


Cheri Warren,
VP Asset Management,
National Grid
Westborough, MA and Liberty Lake, WA, U.S.A. — (METERING.COM) — February 16, 2012 – National Grid and Itron, Inc. Are to collaborate on a project to build and evaluate an advanced smart grid in Massachusetts utilizing the IPv6 network technology.

The two companies will collaborate to field test the multi-application capabilities of the new Itron-Cisco IPv6 based smart grid solution. These include advanced metering, home area networking (HAN), distribution automation (DA), demand response, time-based pricing, in-home devices and web tools, network monitoring, meter data management and presentment, and advanced analytics. By leveraging the Cisco GridBlocks(TM) Architecture, the solution will deliver these applications over a common network infrastructure designed to eliminate the need for proprietary or vendor specific integration of applications and devices.

As part of the project, the system functionality will be thoroughly tested and the interoperability advantages will be demonstrated by working in concert with third party HAN and DA devices.

“We hope to be able to assess firsthand the foundational elements of an intelligent grid that can evolve with us over time,” said Cheri Warren, vice president, Asset Management for National Grid. “We’re taking this opportunity to test how we can build a flexible and intelligent grid that will optimize the flow of distributed energy resources, enhance the performance of electricity distribution systems, and provide our customers with choice and control over how they manage their energy use.”