National Grid reduces peak demand by 45MW with DR tech


In a press statement, National Grid says it will help its commercial and industrial customers to reduce their energy usage and costs with assistance from CPower.

Through the partnership, the utility aims to reduce demand of industrial consumers by 45MW during peak periods.

Carlos Nouel, Vice President of New Energy Solutions, National Grid. “National Grid hopes to demonstrate that this program and others like it are cost-effective game changers that will revolutionise how customers and business use and budget for their energy.”

The programme is an effort by National Grid to improve its portfolio of demand-side management resources to meet the region’s energy management goals.

Under the two-year programme, CPower will communicate the occurrence of the demand response events for participating customers of National Grid to reduce their energy usage for about 20 hours throughout summer.

Participating consumers will be rewarded $35 for every kilowatt-hour which they save during peak demand periods.

National Grid and load management

In the UK, National Grid engaged in dialogue with artificial intelligence (AI) firm Deepmind about how the company’s AI technology can be used to help the utility improve management of its grid network.

According to media reports, the utility is planning to use Deepmind’s AI solution to balance its grid load in line with grid demand.

Demis Hassabis, chief executive of the Google-owned Deepmind, was quoted: “It would be amazing if you could save 10% of the country’s energy usage without any new infrastructure, just from optimisation. That’s pretty exciting.”

Deepmind claims that its AI technologies would help the utility increase its renewable energy portfolio by predicting peaks in demand and capacity required to meet peak demand requirements.

In July 2016, Deepmind’s AI technology was implemented at Google’s data centres resulting in a 40% reduction in energy used for cooling systems and 15% decrease in overall energy consumption. [National Grid reserve scheme could cost consumers £387m this winter].


Image credit: CPower