National Grid partners to reduce distribution losses


The utility will deploy Utilidata’s Volt/VAR Optimisation technology ‘AdaptiVolt’ to enhance energy efficiency within its grid system.

The programme falls under the New York state’s Reforming the Energy Vision (REV) Demand Reduction Demonstration Project which aims to test various technologies to reduce energy demand and improve the efficiency of utilities’ grid networks.

Commenting on the development, Carlos Nouel, vice president of New Energy Solutions at National Grid, said: “The benefit of Utilidata’s AdaptiVolt technology is that we can enable savings for all customers by optimising voltage.”

Utilidata claims that its technology uses real-time grid data regarding the status of the grid network and energy demand to optimise distribution delivery voltages by reducing energy losses throughout the energy distribution process.

Josh Brumberger, chief commercial officer at Utilidata, added: “With our technology, we expect to help National Grid achieve a three percent reduction in energy demand.

“In Clifton Park, that equates to an annual savings of more than 5.99 million kilowatt hours thereby avoiding over 4,216 metric tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions.”

National Grid and energy conservation

Earlier on this month, National Grid launched a new demand response (DR) project to improve grid reliability during peak demand periods in Massachusetts and Rhode Island.

Under the new DR pilot project, National Grid is partnering with DR capacity providers CPower, EnerNOC and IPKeys to help its business customers to reduce their energy usage and costs during peak demand periods.

The two-year demand response pilot is designed to help participating business customers of National Grid to reduce their energy usage for at least 20 hours during peak demand periods this summer.

The pilot project is expected to save enough energy to power 20,000 homes.

Participating consumers will receive up to $35 in incentives for every kilowatt-hour saved during the peak periods. [National Grid uses forecasting tech to boost efficiency].

The project is the first DR programme deployed by National Grid for its commercial customers.