National Grid unveils pilot of first-ever video energy reports


US utility National Grid has partnered with Oracle Utilities Opower to provide video energy reports to help consumers better understand their energy journey.

This is the first-ever video report pilot project for the two partners.

In an animated, 90-seconds video, customers are provided with personalised insights on their natural gas usage last winter as well as advice on how to save energy and cut costs.

Video energy reports sent to 33,000 customers in Upstate New York via email in February has recorded 12 times the average click-through rate of Opower’s standard digital energy reports.

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The project is part of National Grid’s efforts to come up with new ways to engage with its customers.

The aim is to increase the number of customers participating in the utility’s Energy Savings Programme

Thomas Baron, senior programme manager at National Grid, said: “National Grid’s mission is to provide clean energy to support our world long into the future.

“Together with Opower, we have continued to innovate and refine how we engage our customers and bring them along this critical journey. Personalized videos make it fun and easy for customers to make smart energy choices.”

Measures adopted by Oracle Utilities and National Grid to expand consumer engagement previously include testing mailed door hangers and phone calls as behavioral nudges for customers to choose efficient heating and cooling setpoints.

 Paul McDonald, senior director of industry strategy at Oracle Utilities, adds: “National Grid continues to push the envelope on customer engagement. In so many cases, they have been the first to initiate, innovate and improve how they serve customers and the planet.

“With the popularity of video today, especially in apps like Instagram Stories and TikTok, video energy reports just make sense. We’re excited about what’s possible with video, and it’s just one example of how we are changing everything about the Opower Home Energy Report experience.”

National Grid will also be an early adopter of Opower’s bold new print and digital Home Energy Reports this spring.