National net metering standard proposed for U.S.


Jay Inslee
Washington, DC, U.S.A. — (METERING.COM) — July 9, 2010 – Moves to establish a national standard for net metering in the United States are under way with the introduction of a new bill, the Americans Making Power (AMP) Act by Congressman Jay Inslee.

The AMP Act is aimed at addressing two key issues associated with a net metering policy, namely the actual net metering standard and the interconnection policy. The AMP Act would accomplish this by modifying section 113 of the Public Utility Regulatory Policies Act (PURPA) of 1978 with the addition of the net metering and interconnection requirements.

The proposed new metering standard simply requires retail electric suppliers to make net metering available, on a first-come, first-served basis, to each customer-generator. Renewable energies covered include renewable biomass, solar, geothermal, wind, ocean, hydroelectric, anaerobic digestion, landfill gas, fuel cell sources, and hydrogen.

To date some 42 states have adopted some form of net metering and/or interconnection standards, but there are many variations in policy and some states have yet to adopt net metering language at all. The AMP Act would set a national standard, but with enough flexibility to allow states to set their own standards, as long as they go above and beyond the outlined language.

“Our new clean energy economy can start right at home,” said Rep. Inslee. “By empowering Americans, this legislation can help build the clean energy economy of the 21st century while saving families money.”