NEC completes installation of 2.4MW energy storage system for Californian utility

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NEC will be launching its SLD energy storage technology in the first quarter of 2016. Its SLD technology uses lithium-ion cells based on NEC’s lithium manganese oxide chemistry. The technology is envisioned to increase the value of energy storage to enable applications such as peak shifting, primary reserve, renewable integration and peaking power

In the US, developer and manufacturer of smart energy storage solutions NEC Energy Solutions has completed the installation of a 2.4MW grid storage solution in Orange County, California for utility Southern California Edison (SCE).

The energy storage system provided by NEC is the first to be deployed with the aim of supporting SCE’s distribution grid and providing many of the foundational aspects for future integrated distribution system deployment.

The primary function of the storage system however, is that energy storage devices will be used to provide grid support via circuit loading relief.

The Massachusetts-based company said that the energy storage system, which can discharge at the rate of 3.9MWh, has successfully passed commissioning tests and is ready for full operation.

Installation and commissioning of the system took about seven weeks from delivery of the first energy storage equipment to the site, and was completed by NEC Energy’s grid storage integration team along with local contractors.

Says Bud Collins, CEO of NEC Energy Solutions: “Energy storage can provide the flexibility that provides the grid reliability that SCE’s customers’ expect.

“The system we’ve installed in SCE’s territory will help them keep the high quality electricity service that their customers desire.

“Energy storage is becoming an ever-more common part of today’s electric grid and our installation and commissioning process enables energy storage to be delivered just like any other piece of utility equipment.”

IRENA launches roadmap for electrical energy storage

The intergovernmental organisation promoting the adoption of renewable energy, IRENA, has published a technology roadmap for the deployment of energy storage for clean power.

The document is a manual identifying several priority actions, where IRENA believes that global industry and governments can work together in supporting growth in energy storage.

In order to meet international renewable energy (RE) targets, the roadmap estimates that 150GW of battery storage and 325GW of pumped hydro storage will be needed to accommodate the influx of RE generation.

IRENA’s director general, Adnan Z. Amin, commented: “Now is the time to think about integrating large scale battery storage into the global energy system.

“This roadmap is a starting point for all policy makers seeking to integrate greater storage capabilities, which is necessary to ensure the world is ready for the next phase of growth for renewable power systems.”