Net metering gets a boost in New York


Sheldon Silver,
Speaker, New
York Assembly
New York, NY, U.S.A. — (METERING.COM) — June 25, 2008 – The New York Assembly has passed legislation expanding the net metering provisions in the state with the aim of encouraging greater use of clean and renewable energy.

Among the key provisions all utility customers, including home owners, farms, businesses, municipalities, school districts and non-profit organizations will now be able to participate in net metering. Under the current law, only residential and agricultural consumers are permitted to sell excess energy to utility companies.

The bill adds fuel cells to the list of currently eligible renewable technologies, which includes wind, solar, and farm waste electric generating equipment. It also raises the size of such eligible systems to 2 MW – up from 10 to 25 kW for residential systems and 125 to 400 kW for on-farm systems – and removes the cap on the amount of on-site generation eligible for net metering within each utility territory.

Moreover electric corporations will be required to develop standard contracts and tariffs providing for net metering, and responsibility for safety and interconnection standards is placed with the Public Service Commission, which is where standard interconnection procedures are generally addressed.

In the justification presented for the Bill it is noted that New York has ample renewable energy resources, but has lost its leadership position in the promotion and development of renewable on-site generation. In order to realize the benefits of on-site generation regulatory barriers need to be removed and policies established in support of its development, and the bill will make investments in on-site renewable energy economically feasible.

“New York will support and expand its capacity to produce renewable energy by offering utility customers a greater incentive to harness environmentally friendly technologies such as wind and solar power,” said Assembly speaker Sheldon Silver. “This legislation will help New York become a leader in offering its residents more choice in how they power their homes, businesses, schools and other buildings.”