Nevada Energy starts 10,000 smart meter pilot


Gary Smith,
Program Director ─
Smart Technologies,
NV Energy
September 30, 2010 – NV Energy installed the first meters in its $301 million Advanced Service Delivery program, an initiative that will see 1.45 million consumers supplied with smart meters by 2012.

"This is the foundational infrastructure that’s really going to help customers, if they choose to participate, take ownership of their energy usage," said Gary Smith, NV Energy’s project director of smart-grid technologies.

The Advanced Service Delivery system will enable two-way communication between NV Energy and the meters, so the utility can offer enhanced billing that lets customers measure hourly power use, rather than the monthly consumption levels they see on their current bills. Details on use will be available via NV Energy’s Web site, through e-mails, from text messages or even by calling the utility’s customer-service center.

Ratepayers could simply use the data to keep themselves informed about their power consumption, or they could sign up for optional peak-pricing plans that give them price breaks for shifting electricity use to less-expensive hours.

It could be a while before those dynamic-pricing programs are broadly available, though.