New application note on admittance testing


Lafayette, IN, U.S.A. — (METERING.COM) — November 20, 2009 – A new application note that covers the advantages and the benefits of adding admittance testing to routine electricity utility testing procedures has been created by reference standards and testing systems provider Radian Research.

The application note explains how the field testing capabilities of the Radian Model 505 can be used in admittance testing. Some of the illustrated advantages of performing the test are to minimize billing revenue loss, reduced power theft, installation performance and investigate electricity billing discrepancies. The test also provides an opportunity to check a new installation before applying a load, allowing increase safety and reducing costly equipment damage.

Admittance information is of value to those involved in current transformer (CT) testing along with anyone that performs meter testing with the potential to test CTs in the future. The paper can also serve as an educational tool for the metrology industry and anyone with an interest in meter testing in general.