New apps for eMeter EnergyIP platform


Two new apps have been launched by eMeter for its EnergyIP grid application platform – Equipment Load Management (ELM) and Grid Data Vault (GDV).

Equipment Load Management provides insights into transformers, preventing outages and accidents thereby increasing customer satisfaction although not limited to transformers.

Grid Data Vault offers best-in-class data archiving software designed to help utilities cost effectively manage data growth while enabling data accessibility, reducing costs, and meeting archiving regulations.

The EnergyIP platform enables utilities to scale from 10,000 to 50 million meters and capture meter data that can be acted on.

With its application centric approach, EnergyIP offers speed and ease of use for utilities to use energy consumption data to address business needs.

“Providing a rich set of applications on top of a proven platform is the best way for Siemens to help utilities manage complex business demands,” said Aaron DeYonker, vice president of Products at eMeter. “The right application mix provides flexibility to address business needs that often vary from utility to utility. For some utilities, customer engagement is a priority while others need tools for managing overall grid health.”