New Bridge meter and cellular platform from Itron


Liberty Lake, WA, U.S.A. — (METERING.COM) — January 30, 2013 – The CENTRON® Bridge meter has been released by Itron, with the aim to bridge communication architectures to enable seamless migration from automated meter reading (AMR) to smart grid communications.

The meter may be incorporated alongside existing Itron electric meters with a mobile collection system, delivering advanced metering benefits associated with interval data, remote service switch operations and demand reset capabilities. When a utility is ready, the Bridge meter can easily migrate from Itron’s mobile collection system to its OpenWay® smart grid solution that is compatible with Itron and Cisco’s IPv6 communication network, offering demand response and distribution automation benefits.

“(The meter) is perfect for utilities that require advanced metering functionality in a mobile environment today, with complete support for full smart grid functionality in the future,” said Mark de Vere White, senior vice president of Itron’s Energy Group in North America.

Itron is also collaborating with Qualcomm Technologies, Inc.on a next generation cellular-based smart energy platform combining its OpenWay® smart meters with Qualcomm’s Gobi MDM8x15 multi-mode modem and integrated application processor. With support for multiple 3G standards (UMTS/HSPA or CDMA2000), extensibility to 4G-LTE and backwards compatibility with 2G technologies, the solution will have a global footprint, enabling emerging smart energy applications such as distribution automation, demand response, distributed generation, prepaid metering, electric vehicle integration and volt/Var monitoring.