New creation for multi-utility meter reading


Last year Badger Meter and Hunt Technologies formed an alliance to integrate Badger’s ORION® technology with Hunt’s TS2 two-way powerline carrier system. Hunt uses a patented ultra narrow bandwidth (UNB) technology to read meters remotely, without the need for expensive repeaters or line conditioning equipment. So far the system has been used exclusively on electricity meters, because of the logistics involved in getting reads from another type of meter into the electricity endpoint.

Now Hunt has incorporated Badger’s ORION radio frequency receiver technology into the TS2 endpoint transceiver, allowing the endpoint to receive transmissions from selected ORION units. Mounted in the electricity meter, the TS2 endpoint receives readings from the ORION unit at the water meter – which can be located in an outdoor meter pit or inside the home – and sends both sets of data through the Hunt system to the central server.

Now Badger has introduced a gas ORION module, which will be available for the most common residential gas meters. Mounted between the gas meter and the meter index, it can easily be retrofitted to existing meters and to meet UL Class 1 Division 1 safety requirements. The ORION module’s electronics and battery will be fully potted for protection from the elements. Calculated battery life is 15 years. Both the gas and water ORION modules can be programmed in the field by using an IR optical link to a handheld computer. /