New demand response solutions for Ontario electricity customers


Paul Shervill,
Vice President,
Conservation &
Sector Dev., OPA
Toronto, ON, Canada — (METERING.COM) — May 6, 2008 – ConsumerPowerline, Inc., a strategic energy asset management firm and one of the largest non-utility providers of demand response solutions in the United States, has announced its expansion into the Canadian market with the awarding of a contract from the Ontario Power Authority (OPA) for its DR3 contractual load reduction program. This program will offer Ontario electricity customers in the Greater Toronto Area and South Central regions turnkey services for participation in demand response.

With peak demand in Ontario projected to grow from 27,000 MW to 33,700 MW by 2025, an aging electricity infrastructure, and growing environmental concerns, the OPA is taking immediate action to ensure a reliable and environmentally conscious electricity supply. The OPA DR3 program enables electricity customers to earn substantial revenue for participating in the program and helping the grid when it is most needed. Participants are paid an availability payment for their commitment to curtail, a utilization payment for their actual curtailment delivered during an event, and an availability over-delivery payment for providing capacity above their contracted commitment.

The contract provides ConsumerPowerline with a 25 MW load reduction commitment through 2013, and includes the option for additional contracts for MWs based on performance. Through the program, ConsumerPowerline will aggregate electricity customers to provide the OPA with demand response capability, helping to alleviate electricity supply constraints within Ontario. Customers will participate by reducing their electricity consumption during periods of high prices, high demand, and low supply cushion.

"The OPA is very excited to have ConsumerPowerline, a leading provider of demand response solutions, in our DR3 program," stated Paul Shervill, Vice President, Conservation and Sector Development at the Ontario Power Authority. "The Ontario Power Authority is working with aggregators like ConsumerPowerline because they have the capacity and expertise to engage a diverse range of businesses in developing effective demand response solutions while helping to meet the broad electricity needs of all Ontarians."