New Green Button partnerships


Washington, DC, U.S.A. — (METERING.COM) — May 13, 2013 – Last week the White House announced a series of new Green Button partnerships to make this facility more widely available to consumers.

Launched in January 2012, the Green Button initiative has so far received commitments from 35 utilities and energy providers to provide 36 million homes and businesses with their own energy usage information in the consensus, industry-standard Green Button format.

The new announcements are as follows:

  • Ecova will take advantage of the Connect My Data platform to save commercial building owners money by offering more targeted energy saving opportunities
  • Solar City is integrating Connect My Data into its sales consultations to help customers assess solar’s potential to reduce home energy consumption and monthly electricity bills
  • MyEnergy is now able to convert utility bills into electronic Green Button data – almost anywhere in the country.
  • WeatherBug-Earth Networks is integrating Connect My Data with its real-time hyper-local weather data to improve load management and save consumers money
  • EnerNOC is using Green Button data to quality check their real time sensor data, and separately, has published an open data set of anonymized energy consumption data from 100 buildings in the Green Button format
  • Bidgely is using Connect My Data to offer appliance-level energy consumption insights to consumers
  • ChargePoint will use Green Button to report energy consumption data to utilities from electric vehicle charging stations
  • Wegowise is now using Green Button data to drive multi-family and commercial building energy efficiency
  • The Pike Powers Laboratory and Center for Commercialization has launched a Green Button app testing center
  • The Pecan Street Research Institute will make an open set of disaggregated and anonymized consumer energy use data available in the Green Button format.

The Green Button includes the ‘Download my data’ functionality to enable consumers to access their energy usage data in a standardized format at the click of a button, as well as the ‘Connect my data’ functionality to enable them to securely transfer their energy usage data to authorized third parties.