New initiative puts the power of smart meters in the consumer’s hands


August 4, 2011 – Respond Power, and energy service company, (ESCO) in Pennsylvania has introduced a successful reward program for smart meter users.

Since its inception, Respond Power, an has been providing power to consumers in New York, Pennsylvania and Ohio. According to the company, it will "not only deliver your gas and electricity at the best available rates, but will also give you tools to manage and monitor your energy consumption and control your costs."

With the launch of the Respond Power Rewards program, the company is putting the power of smart meter technology in the hands of the consumer.

In May 2011, the company began offering energy consumers in the Pennsylvania Light and Power service area who have a Smart Meter attached to their homes and buildings a way to cut back on their energy use resulting in cash rebates.

Under the program, Respond Power notifies consumers a day in advance about what time the peaking electric prices will be the following day. Consumers who reduce their energy use during these times create what the company calls a "Smart Bill," which gauges energy use hourly. If this virtual Smart Bill is lower than what the regular bill would have been the difference is rewarded back to the customer.

Mark Berger, Director of Marketing, said the program is groundbreaking: "We are the only ESCO that is offering this kind of incentive," he said.

And, it gets even better for the consumer. In conjunction with the Respond Power Rewards program the company has recently introduced Price Alert Rewards. This new feature will reward consumers for just paying attention to the price alerts and cutting back their usage even if their Smart Bill is not lower than the regular bill.

Berger says Respond Power is working to make this program available to additional regions one service area at a time and the company encourages other utilities to fully integrate smart meters swiftly. The more service areas outfitted with Smart Meters, the more consumers can take advantage of tracking their energy use in real time.

He added, "Not only do consumers save money, but they are also cutting back on energy use – its good for the environment."