New integrated smart grid solutions to be developed for utilities


Andres Carvallo,
Executive Vice
President & Chief
Strategy Officer,
Grid Net
San Francisco, CA — (METERING.COM) — July 21, 2010 – Smart grid and smart home software platform provider Grid Net has entered into an agreement with Oracle to deliver advanced distribution management systems and meter data management technology to support utility smart grid deployments.

“Together, Grid Net and Oracle Utilities have complete solutions for utility customers,” said Andres Carvallo, executive vice president and chief strategy officer at Grid Net. “With our relationship, utilities can now more effectively and efficiently implement innovative technologies to enhance and accelerate their smart grid deployments.”

Grid Net’s software platforms, PolicyNet SmartGrid Network Management System and Smart Network Operating System™ (NOS), provide a powerful complement to Oracle Utilities’ mission critical software applications, including Oracle Utilities Network Management System, Meter Data Management, Mobile Workforce Management, and Work and Asset Management. Together, these solutions can help utilities efficiently, securely distribute power, improve network reliability and reduce outage durations.

The combined solution will operate on a common data model and integrate easily with Oracle Utilities Meter Data Management and Customer Care and Billing, providing utilities with a wealth of information that will help them improve network performance and customer satisfaction.

“By combining our unique strengths, Oracle Utilities and Grid Net are taking an important step forward in meeting utilities’ smart grid challenges,” said Bradley Williams, vice president, product strategy at Oracle Utilities. “Working together, we plan to provide safe, secure, scalable and reliable smart grid management systems and help utilities manage the exponential growth of data generated through smart grid programs.”