New legislation for a new utility environment in Michigan


New energy policy for
Michigan has been
announced by
Commissioner Monica
Martinez. (Photo
courtesy Dept. of
Energy, Labor &
Economic Growth)
Michigan, USA — METERING.COM — 14 November 2008 – Michigan’s Renewable Portfolio Standards is now ratified and state agencies are pushing for implementation by early 2009. The Michigan Public Service Commission is in the process of creating rules for net metering — a last-minute addition to the legislation, announced by Commissioner Monica Martinez at the 12th Annual Sustainable Business Conference. The net-metering program should be up and running in the first quarter of 2009. This is a new policy for Michigan, and Martinez said implementing the Act will cause many more changes.

The legislation calls for electric utilities to get 10 percent of their generating power from renewable sources by 2015. The state is establishing a system for certifying energy produced by renewables.

The Act requires energy optimization and all utilities, regulated and unregulated, must participate if they’re serving customers.

Utilities are required to make significant investments in energy efficiency under the new law — $40 million to $50 million annually— which will grow a significantly different market segment.

As a member of the Midwest Independent Transmission System Operator, a Regional Transmission Organization recognized by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, Michigan will be able to work collaboratively on expanding wind-generated energy. State entities will help identify the most effective sites for placing wind turbines and help companies develop strategies to develop wind farms.