New locking ring for smart meters


Bridgeport, CT, U.S.A. — (METERING.COM) — October 25, 2010 – Utility industry security systems provider Highfield Manufacturing Company has introduced a locking ring for smart meters.

The advanced meter locking ring (AMLR) is designed for advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) and automatic meter reading (AMR) ring-type meter enclosures, and is aimed at giving electric utilities an affordable tool to help guard against tampering and theft, protect their investment, and ensure the accuracy of metering information. 

“Unlike traditional meters, smart meters are not inspected regularly and tampering, energy theft and illegal reconnection of service may go undetected for a long time,” explains Ed Cirella, Highfield’s director of national sales, going on to comment that electric utilities have the best opportunity to lock down meters during AMI and AMR installations, when the company resources are deployed to upgrade meter sites throughout their system.

The AMLR is easy and quick to install. A key is not required for installation, since a preloaded barrel lock and end cap are included with each ring, giving utilities an extra level of key control. Also, the notched rear flange of the ring allows rapid mounting in the field.

The AMLR can be supplied in either stainless steel or case-hardened carbon steel and includes a short or long barrel lock made of the same metal alloy. The ring is manufactured to ANSI meter standards.