New meter transponders provide two-way communications network for gas utilities


Cleveland, OH, U.S.A. — (METERING.COM) — August 1, 2012 – The new Series 3000 family of gas meter transponders from Aclara equips its STAR® Network advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) system with two-way communications capability, providing automatic hourly collection of time-stamped meter readings.

The data provided by Series 3000 Meter Transmission Units (MTUs) eliminates estimated billing as well as errors, promotes revenue protection with real time tamper detection, and reduces customer service calls.

The Series 3000 MTUs support all residential and commercial meters as well as pulse input devices and electronic volume correctors. This enables utilities to choose units designed to exactly match the configurations of their gas meters, thus minimizing installation hassles.

Two-way communications also facilitates over-the-air configuration of devices and performance of synchronized systems reads to reconcile the difference between how much gas enters the system and billable gas consumed.

“The Series 3000 fixed network AMI is truly on the cutting-edge,” said Vaishali Sangtani, Aclara product manager responsible for the Series 3000. “Instead of relying on monthly data collection by meter readers or drive-by systems, gas utilities can take advantage of hourly interval data.”

The Series 3000 Gas MTU lithium-ion batteries are guaranteed for 20 years when operated under typical conditions involving hourly interval reads. Accurate, consistent readings are offered in virtually all locations, including difficult installation locations such as meter vaults and basements.