New mobile warm-up stands and Obstructionatorâ„¢ for AMI deployments


Farmington Hills, MI, U.S.A. — (METERING.COM) — July 22, 2010 – A selection of new mobile warm-up stands and a new low profile Obstructionator™ have been introduced by Brooks Utility Products to expedite AMI deployments.

The mobile warm-up stands are aimed at helping to alleviate delays in powering up meters. Meters can be powered up in the shop or in transit, and then the data held as the meter is transferred to the site. Powered by a 120 V plug connection or an optional 12 V DC inverter kit for field use, all units of the mobile warm-up stand are fuse protected with on/off and limit switches that keep jaw positions dead until the meter is installed.

The mobile warm-up stand can be mounted in the truck and operates from the 12 V power port. In addition, Brooks UP offers an optional mounting plate kit and includes an auxiliary power source. The mobile warm-up stand can also be used to demonstrate, warm up, or program meters in office settings.

The new low profile Obstructionator is aimed at clearing the way for smart meters to fit into older meter sockets over obstructions. Comprising a low profile (1.2 inch) extender adapter with specially milled clearance slots to fit around the obstructions in these meter sockets, the Obstructionator is plugged into the offending socket, and then the new meter is plugged into it. The Obstructionator also includes a patented, clear dead-front safety shield.

“One of the common problems we’ve found with AMI/smart metering deployments is that it’s often difficult to fit new products into the old spaces,” said Mike Lewis of Brooks UP. “We’ve worked with several utilities to resolve this problem, and created the low profile Obstructionator.”