New powerline communication products for AMI applications

Santa Clara, CA, U.S.A. — (METERING.COM) — September 6, 2007 – PCN Technology, Inc. has announced the coming availability of its 2008 energy AMI Grid MicroCircuits™ products platform, consisting of its advanced Grid MicroCircuits™ (embedded sub-system modules) and GridSweep™ network management software for electric utility automated metering infrastructure (AMI) markets. PCN is working closely with leading companies in the electric utility industry for 2008 product roll out.

PCN Grid MicroCircuits allow high speed, high quality of service, two-way communication over powerlines. When combined with the GridSweep software, the platform enables complete switching, routing and network management of mission critical utility data for AMI backhaul, endpoint and building area network (BAN) applications. GridSweep works in conjunction with customer management tools ensuring seamless integration and operation.

PCN’s Grid MicroCircuits are based on our award-winning and patented iPLC™ powerline communication technology, which can consistently communicate high QoS data at 250 Kbps or higher over multiple miles and burst at 20 Mbps through existing infrastructure without any special hardware. Grid MicroCircuits can be integrated "under the glass into meters, can be connected within existing utility infrastructure, field devices, can serve as gateways in an AMI system, or connect in-building / in-home appliances and other smart devices to AMI systems.

Grid MicroCircuits operate at high, medium or low line voltage levels within generation, transmission and distribution applications. The self-powered module options allow networks to remain operational even when power on the grid goes down. Systems utilizing PCN products continue to communicate data even during faults and power shutdowns. These, together with the fact that the PCN product platform can be used to create meshed network solutions serve as true enablers of smart grid systems of the future. PCN’s AMI products are based on open standards and compatible with a wide range of data protocols.

PCN Grid MicroCircuits gracefully integrate and bridge customers to the next generation of energy management through powerline, Ethernet, ZigBee or other architectures. It easily integrates with current, future, and legacy AMI technologies, including wireless (GPRS or CDMA), distribution line carriers, mesh radio and powerline carriers (PLC). PCN not only meets the technological challenges with its components but also becomes a sound business case selection.