New regulations restrict landlords from billing tenants with heat submeters in Alberta


Heather Klimchuk,
Minister of
Services, Alberta
Edmonton, AL, Canada — (METERING.COM) — November 26, 2009 – Under new regulatory changes introduced by the Alberta government, renters in the province can no longer be charged for the energy used to heat their apartments with uncertified heat submeters.

Under the new Energy Marketing and Residential Heat Submetering Regulation, landlords are not allowed to use a heat submeter to bill tenants unless the heat submeter is certified by Measurement Canada. However, currently there are no heat submeters in Alberta certified by Measurement Canada.

The new rules came into effect on November 18 and apply to both existing heat submeters and new heat submeters.

If a heat submeter becomes certified in the future, landlords will be able to use it to bill tenants as long as they clearly disclose the submeter readings, the amount being charged for the energy, any amount being charged for administrative or other fees, and the method used to calculate these amounts.

“I’ve heard a number of concerns from tenants about the accuracy and fairness of heat submeters,” said Service Alberta minister Heather Klimchuk. “These new rules address these concerns and ensure renters are charged fairly.”

Klimchuk added that in the development of the regulation, input was solicited from tenants, landlords, their representative organizations, and Measurement Canada.

An estimated 3,000 tenants across Alberta are currently being billed through the use of heat submeters.