New Release of LODESTARí¢€â„¢s Load Analysis Application Offers Added Functionality


Peabody, Massachusetts – April 17, 2006 –LODESTAR Corporation, a leading provider of software solutions for the energy industry, announces that the release of LodeStar® 9.1 will be available this Summer. LodeStar is a program designed to help collect, manage and analyze load research data. It consists of integrated subsystems for sampling, data management, and data analysis. The new version of this product brings many new enhancements that make the product more robust and easier to use.

The 9.1 release of LodeStar contains over 50 enhancements, addressing even more business needs for analysis than the current version. The main areas that have been improved upon include the Graphical User Interface (GUI) (or user console), and the server. New functionality highlights include the ability for users to view reports in Microsoft Internet Explorer® in the GUI, and populate control files using a list of queries. Previously, users were required to manually type in control files. Users will also be able to easily create Microsoft® Word documents from the default reports, and e-mail reports directly from the results screen. Some of the significant enhancements to the server include: added support for XML and CSV output formats; control space allocated to Recorder ID in reports; the ability to search for a string in any validation message; and the addition of the TRIM function which removes unwanted space between output fields in the query tool.

Almost 50% of the enhancements have been implemented based on feedback from LODESTAR customers, demonstrating LODESTAR’s commitment to its customer base. Currently in production at over 35 leading energy providers across North America, LodeStar continues to be one of the leading energy analysis applications on the market today.