A new communication platform, the MDS Orbit platform, along with new and updated data analytics packages, Grid IQ Insight – Advanced Meter Insight, PowerOn Advantage advanced distribution management system (ADMS), and the Perception Fleet risk management software, have been released by GE during this week.

The MDS Orbit platform is a next generation wireless communications solution that integrates cellular, private, licensed and unlicensed networks in one device, delivering secure communication between field crews and industrial equipment and bringing valuable asset and operational data from the field to the operations center. The platform includes a comprehensive security framework providing the functions and tools needed to meet current cybersecurity requirements and regulations, as well as advanced system performance features such as enabling low latency IEC 61850 generic object oriented substation events messaging for rapid response capability.

Grid IQ Insight – Advanced Meter Insight – part of the company’s broader Grid IQ Insight portfolio of analytics solutions – provides utilities with advanced analytics on the performance of their meters and related systems, enabling them to make decisions about preventative maintenance to the grid and about the management of assets such as transformers, regulators and other distribution infrastructure. It covers more than 75 advanced analytics functions, providing an in-depth look at four major grid management areas, meter health, power quality and reliability, revenue protection, and load research and forecasting. The software is capable of analyzing data from various utility systems, including advanced metering infrastructure networks, customer information, meter data management, outage management, distribution management and geospatial information systems.

PowerOn Advantage ADMS integrates grid management solutions such as outage management systems (OMS) and distribution management systems (DMS) into a single, modular solution to provide the improved situational awareness needed to operate a utility’s distribution grid. An advanced user interface provides predefined, user-designed views of the entire electric distribution network, allowing multiple utility workers to access real time network information at the same time.

“Think of a utility’s control room as the integrated information and control center for its electric distribution grid,” said Mike Carlson, general manager—software solutions at GE’s Digital Energy business. “Working from the utility operator’s dashboard, PowerOn Advantage ADMS displays important data in an intuitive, cockpit-like user interface. It encompasses advanced monitoring and control of the distribution network, fault and outage management and network performance optimization together on a single system.”

Perception Fleet risk management software, version 1.14 is a smart, simplified and standards-based data analysis package that provides utility operators with data on the condition of every transformer in their fleet – needed to facilitate the shift from time-based maintenance programs to more cost effective condition-based maintenance. Pre-defined or user-defined intelligent algorithms automatically evaluate the condition of individual transformers, which can be analyzed individually or compared to give an overall ranking of transformers. New features in the latest version include an email notification capability of critical transformer data to technical advisors when an alarm is generated.

GE has also announced a future update to its suite of Grid IQ solutions, following a minority investment in Power Generation Services, Inc., a turnkey provider of managed energy services for distributed generation and distributed energy resources in North America. In the near future, GE will add the PoGens capability to the Grid IQ suite to form an offering that combines GE’s grid monitoring, outage detection and asset management technology with PoGens’ commercial generation assets to provide customers, such as utility companies, with tools to improve the reliability, productivity and efficiency of their electric distribution systems.