New smart home products and services at CES


Las Vegas, NV, U.S.A. — (METERING.COM) — January 10, 2013 – The annual Consumer Electronics Show is the place where innovative new and upcoming smart home and smart energy gadgets are likely to be shown off and this year’s event is no exception.

Among such new products, Allure Energy has announced its next generation EverSense 2.0 with NFC capabilities, which uses mobile phone based proximity control technologies to manage the home environment and its energy usage.Actions such as turning off lights, turning down the thermostat and setting the alarm on going to bed can all be automated. Further,as the homeowner leaves the home, its environment can be altered based on how far away they are, and as they return, their ideal environment can be created.

“Allure Energy is attempting to do for the home energy management and automation industry what Apple did for the music industry – make it simple to use, fun, and just cool,” says CEO Kevin Imes.

Another new product is the MicroMonitor low cost energy sensing platform from Sentec. The device, which incorporates a low profile C-strip current sensor, on-chip metrology software library and micro AC-DC power supply,slips directly between plug and outlet, where it wirelessly senses and transmits the consumption of individual appliances in realtime, enabling consumers to monitor that consumption. The technology can also be incorporated into other form factors, such as a wall outlet, embedded into a plug or lead, or built directly into an appliance.

Fabless semiconductor company GreenPeak has announced the GP690 PRO solution, integrating in a single architecture the three ZigBee networking variants – Green Power, RF4CE and PRO – as part of its Open Smart Home Framework. By allowing a single ZigBee radio device in the set-top box/gateway to master a complete sense and control home network at low cost of implementation, the framework seamlessly connects the ZigBee network both to the indoor Wi-Fi network as well as to the broader internet, enabling transparent and secure access to the home control network from any place in the world.

Last but not least in today’s round up, RF component developer RF Micro Devices, Inc. has unveiled its integrated single chip RFFM6403front end module (FEM) for smart energy/advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) applications. The device is designed for applications operating with high efficiency requirements and a minimum output power of 30 dB min the 405-475MHz frequency range, as well as for portable battery powered equipment and general 433/470 MHz ISM band systems.