New smart solutions for gas and water from Itron


New all-in-one smart solutions for gas and water, the Ecora gas meter and Intelis residential ultrasonic water device, have been introduced by Itron.

The Ecora gas meter is a commercial smart diaphragm meter with electronic volume conversion for pressure and temperature variations. The device has a highly accurate low flow rate and magnetic fraud detection, thus improving billing accuracy for utilities. It is easily installed in a “plug and play” fashion, while embedded communications (GPRS modem) and sensors to help utilities streamline operations and reduce costs.

“Hybrid diaphragm meters with electronic conversion and GPRS are an optimal choice for very large AMR rollouts, where utilities want to limit the risks on revenue collection and decrease their operating costs,” said Jean-Paul Piques, vice president of product marketing for Gas at Itron.

The Intelis device comprises a meter, which measures and captures enhanced flow rates data, temperatures, and can detect air in pipes in addition to measuring water volume. It also has data logging capabilities, recording consumption in configurable intervals. With no moving parts, the meter allows for protection against unplanned maintenance costs and provides highly accurate measurement over the entire product life.

“By combining ultrasonic, sensing and communication technologies, we’ve created a device that gives utilities unprecedented visibility into their distribution systems so they can better manage water resources,” said Gavin van Tonder, president of Itron’s water business.

These new devices are on display at Itron’s booth 1.B27 during European Utility Week, October 15–17, in Amsterdam.