New SmartGridiX alliance aims to accelerate smart grid adoption


Dr. Dom Geraghty,
CEO and founder,
Menlo Park, CA, U.S.A. — (METERING.COM) — April 8, 2013 – SmartGridiX (SGiX) has been established in the United States as an alliance of professionals working to accelerate the adoption of Smart Grid 2.0 systems within the nation’s electricity, gas and water infrastructures (iX).

The alliance will provide industry professionals with curated information, tools and an online platform for collaboration, with the aim to address the questions, challenges and issues that are currently impeding deployment of the smart grid, and to generate viable business cases.

“During my 30 years in the power industry, I have witnessed, with mounting frustration, repeated business miscues in regard to the smart grid,” said SmartGridiX CEO and founder Dr. Dom Geraghty. “Observing the emergence of the extraordinary power of Web 2.0 to bring collaboration to bear on difficult business problems, and knowing the vast resource of experts and information already existing in the smart grid sector, it seemed that an obvious solution to the gridlock would be the development of an online platform where we could all work together toward our common goal to deploy the smart grid.”

An initial list of business opportunities that could benefit from the collective intelligence and collaboration of the smart grid community has been compiled as follows:

  • Releasing the smart grid gridlock
  • The costs of a successful cybersecurity attack on a regional power system
  • Distributed energy storage: what benefits constitute the “benefits stack”?
  • Short-term wind forecasting: can we do better?

Access to and participation in SGiX is initially free to industry professionals, but the aim is it should ultimately become membership supported and industry sponsored.

All information contributed to or created by participants on the SGiX public website will be available free to the public under a Creative Commons license.