New software release features continuous power quality monitoring


Elster Electricity, LLC announces the release of Metercat™ Software version 1.5. Metercat is an advanced configuration and analysis software application that has the ability to configure and read power quality monitoring (PQM) information.

PQM is an optional feature on A3 ALPHA meters that provides continuous service condition monitoring 24 hours a day throughout the billing period. The PQM function looks for exceptions to user-defined thresholds for twelve different tests, such as voltage, current, and total harmonic distortion. Each test can be easily configured to control relay activation, generate an LCD warning, create a date/time stamp log entry, and place an automatic telephone call to report the condition. With the PQM function, the A3 ALPHA meter will continuously monitor all three phases and detect voltage sags in 32 milliseconds (2 line cycles). PQM tests may be turned on or off through Metercat.

The utility company will receive early notification of power quality events allowing them to proactively evaluate, qualify, and address the situation, thus improving customer service and management of outages.

Additional features released in Metercat version 1.5 include the ability to edit register data on A3 ALPHA meters, a memory allocation tool that provides a snapshot view of meter use based on the selected configuration parameters, and the ability to launch Elster’s AlphaPlus™ meter support software. For more information: