New solutions for portable on-site meter and CT testing from Radian


Lafayette, IN, U.S.A. — (METERING.COM) — January 22, 2013 – Three new products for portable on-site meter testing, the Bantam Plus portable three-phase meter test solution, Tx Auditor portable transformer analyzer, and Model 430 ultra-compact portable meter test kit, have been introduced by Radian Research.

The Bantam Plus is the newest portable three-phase meter site test solution available for today’s metering professional. The Bantam Plus is equipped with an automated test socket, embedded RD reference standard, fully isolated synthesized current and voltage source, on board operating system and a choice of 0.02% or 0.04% accuracy class.

The Tx Auditor TM is designed as a technologically advanced solution for in service testing of current and potential transformers. Tx Auditor can test burden ratio, admittance and demagnetize CTs.

The Model 430 is the first ultra-compact portable phantom load test kit to support both the Radian Dytronic (RD) and the installed base of Radian Metronic (RM) reference standards. The Model 430 can perform open or closed link meter testing. Lightweight with quick connect cabling the 430 is an ideal budgetary solution for on-site meter testing.

The three new solutions allow integration of data thoughout the organization. All three are compatible with Watt-Net Plus meter data management software. Watt-Net Plus tracks metering equipment over its life cycle and automates meter shop functions, including clerical and administrative, meter and transformer testing, purchase order tracking, manufacturer and contact test data import. In addition, data can be customized to fit the organization’s business rules.