New tenant submetering software


Palatine, IL, U.S.A. — (METERING.COM) — December 18, 2007 – A new tenant metering software package aimed at commercial property metering and billing has been launched by Schneider Electric.

The PowerLogic® Tenant Metering Commercial Edition with a utility-proven billing engine and sophisticated reporting features, is intended to enable commercial property managers to allocate and recover the actual cost of their utilities while adhering to government cost allocation regulations.

Ideally suited for commercial properties, PowerLogic Tenant Metering Commercial Edition includes fully automated meter reading functionality, an easy-to-use rate configuration tool to support complex rate structures and comprehensive invoicing for multiple utilities – water, air, gas, electricity and steam. The software supports up to 2,000 Modbus metering devices and downloads data stored in the meters, maintaining enhanced data integrity and allowing property managers to identify peak consumption periods as well as energy savings opportunities.

Using an approved methodology, PowerLogic Tenant Metering Commercial Edition identifies and corrects missing data and provides an invoice review screen for managerial review prior to invoice generation. Property managers can customize tenant invoices with their logos and remittance information and can choose to print invoices or save them as Adobe PDFs. Additionally, PowerLogic Tenant Metering Commercial Edition allows for the personalization of each tenant’s account such as contact information, submeter device assignment, billing rate assignment and independent billing cycles.