New York City to install water AMI


Emily Lloyd,
New York City DEP
New York, NY, U.S.A. — (METERING.COM) — July 24, 2008 – New York City’s Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) has selected the Aclara STAR® Network system, one of the Aclara-brand technologies of ESCO Technologies Inc., as its advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) technology.  

The system will collect interval data for current billing needs and support other programs that are designed to allow New York City and its customers to better manage water consumption, quickly identify leaks and equipment problems, and effectively control related operating costs. The system also will provide the City’s water customers with enhanced account information and accurate usage data.

The STAR Network system will operate within a 494 km area that encompasses the City’s five boroughs and will work on the New York City Wireless Network (NYCWiN), a secure, 2.5 Ghz wireless system being installed by the City’s Department of Information Technology and Telecommunications. The City developed NYCWiN as part of a comprehensive upgrade of its communications systems to meet growing operational and security requirements

The contract was awarded to Aclara following the successful completion of a pilot in the boroughs of Manhattan and Brooklyn. The pilot, which involved 200 meters in each location, was designed to prove the STAR® Network system’s effectiveness in an urban environment and demonstrated that it could transmit readings from meters in a variety of locations such as building basements and pits.

New York’s AMI project is the industry’s largest to date, with purchase order expected under the contract valued at about $68 million, and will be deployed over approximately three years. The radio-based fixed network is expected to handle data from 875,000 water meters serving approximately eight million customers once it is fully installed and operational.

DEP Commissioner Emily Lloyd commented: “Ultimately, the system will allow us to better serve our customers with technologies that can help them to efficiently utilize water resources.”