New York sees value in two-way communications

The New York Independent System Operator (NYISO) has extended its contract with RETX Inc. for RETX’s ePath Notification Manager™. A component of the ePath product suite, the ePath Notification Manager will enable NYISO to send secure two-way communications between customers, to alert them of demand response events. NYISO’s demand response programme is the largest in the USA, with over 1000MW involved.

The system sends text and automated voice communications to programme participants, giving them the ability to respond to the notification so that NYISO knows who is able to shed load. ePath Notification Manager allows NYISO to track and audit customer responses in real time, to track historical notifications and to store each customer’s contact information in one place. The system can also be used to communicate other news, such as new product opportunities, general system conditions, price plans and weather alerts. /