New York state gov help accelerate energy efficiency in Albany


The $1.4 million funding announced by the New York state government will be used by the city to fund a $500,000 initiative, which includes the connection of 22 municipal buildings to the New York Power Authority’s Energy Manager (NYEM).

The NYEM comprises energy management solutions remotely controlled by the New York Power Authority to monitor and manage energy consumption in buildings under efforts to identify efficiency potentials, help owners of buildings reduce energy costs and stabilise grid network.

In addition, another $500,000 will be directed towards energy efficiency upgrades in municipal buildings whilst $416,000 will fund the installation of electric vehicle charging infrastructure for the city to optimise its EV project in which some 100 vehicles owned by the council have been replaced with electric powered models.

In total, the three energy efficiency programmes will cost $2 million and are expected to result in energy efficiency savings of $240,000 per annum equivalent to an annual reduction in carbon emissions by 773 tons.

According to a statement, Albany city is likely to record return on investment after two and half years from the completion date of the three energy efficiency initiatives.

New York state government and energy efficiency funding

The $1.4 million in funding has been issued under the New York state governor’s Five Cities competition to become the top clean energy city. The ‘race’ comprises five of the state’s largest cities excluding New York city, which are being assisted to increase adoption of smart energy technologies.

Launched in November 2016, the initiative is aimed at increasing energy efficiency in municipal buildings in Albany, Buffalo, Rochester, Syracuse and Yonkers by 20% by 2020. The programme is expected to help reduce the state’s overall energy use and carbon emissions by 20% and 40% from 1990 levels by 2030, respectively.

The Five Cities race to top clean energy is expected to play a leading role in helping the state generate 50% of its energy from renewable energy by 2030. To date $7.6 million in funding has been issued to the five cities resulting in annual energy efficiency savings of $2 million and 9,880 metric tons of carbon emissions avoided.  [New York directs $10m towards consumer energy efficiency].

Commenting on the role of the New York state government in the deployment of smart energy initiatives in the region, Richard Kauffman, chairman of Energy and Finance, New York state, said: “With more and more extreme weather events directly impacting our cities, it is incumbent for state and municipal leaders to partner together in developing innovative solutions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to fight climate change.”

Congressman Paul Tonko, added: “America faces many challenges when it comes to our energy security, energy independence, and building a clean energy economy that can compete now and in the future. The President’s departure from the Paris Agreement made it all the more urgent that we tackle these challenges from all sides, diversifying our clean energy production, investing in advanced energy generation technologies, tracking energy consumption in real time and maximsing our overall grid efficiency…”


Image Credit: 123rf.