New York state utilities include meter pilots as part of Reforming the Energy Vision

New York state energy initiatives
US utilities in New York state have applied to conduct pilot projects as part of the state’s Reforming the Energy Vision initiative launched in 2014

In the US, major utilities in New York state are filing for permission to conduct pilot projects to increase customer involvement in reducing electricity consumption.

National Grid has proposed three projects around the state including the deployment of advanced metering for residential and small commercial customers, reports RTO Insider.

National Grid would also like to test renewable energy integration and automated demand management at the Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus, as well as a in-front-of-the-meter solar generation project in a lower-income neighbourhood.

The applications for pilots fall under New York state’s Reforming the Energy Vision (REV) initiative launched in 2014.

The brainchild of Governor Andrew Cuomo, the plan aims to spur clean energy innovation, improve consumer choice and bring new investment int the state.

The REV proposals will lead to regulatory changes and were submitted on 1 July to the New York Public Service Commission, the trade news source reported.

Utility-led projects to promote clean energy

Other utilities Rochester Gas & Electric and New York State Electric and Gas, which are both units of Iberdrola USA, have also submitted three projects aimed at increasing grid control and customer interaction.

The Energy Marketplace is an ecommerce website that allows consumers and distributed energy resource providers to interact.

While the Flexible Interconnect Capacity Solution is a model for connecting large-scale, controllable distributed generation to the grid and the Community Energy Coordination programme uses community-based energy asset planning to procure distributed energy resources.

Meanwhile Consolidated Edison has filed to create a Building Efficiency Marketplace, which is intended to illustrate the value of interval meter data analytics in engaging commercial customers to reduce their demand.

If successful in its application, the utility would offer the marketplace to 2,100 medium to large commercial buildings across its territory.