New Yorkers “don’t know much” about deregulation


New York, NY, U.S.A. — (METERING.COM) — August 30, 2007 – A survey done by FGI Research for Accent Energy, designed to assess the level of awareness about energy deregulation in New York, revealed that the fewer than 50% of those who have heard of deregulation “don’t know that much about it”.

The survey also sought to establish whether energy consumers were aware that they were able to switch supplier, and to find out what kinds of products and services consumers would like to receive from their energy supplier. Forty-two per cent of those polled had heard about deregulation, but many of them were not aware of the existence of energy service companies (ESCOs) such as Accent Energy, which offer competitive rates in New York’s deregulated market.

Some respondents (21 per cent) also said they were unhappy with the service provided by their current supplier, and indicated that they may sign up with an ESCO within the next year.

What these results indicate is that a good deal of customer education concerning the benefits of deregulation, the services offered by ESCOs, and the ability of customers themselves to influence the amount they pay for electricity by reducing consumption, is still necessary in a state that has one of the highest electricity rates in the nation.