Next generation ZigBee Smart Energy gateway from Digi


Larry Kraft,
Senior VP Global
Sales and Marketing,
Digi International
Minnetonka, MN, U.S.A. — (METERING.COM) — January 30, 2012 – The ConnectPort® X2e for Smart Energy gateway has been introduced by Digi as a low cost, enhanced version of its ZigBee Smart Energy gateway.

The gateway connects ZigBee Smart Energy devices from a home area network (HAN) to an energy service provider via broadband. It offers additional memory and processing power for over the air updates of connected Smart Energy devices, making it easier for utilities and application partners to establish and maintain large Smart Energy device deployments.

The ConnectPort X2e also provides an upgrade path to Smart Energy 2.0.

“Managing the device network is a significant barrier to smart grid adoption,” noted Larry Kraft, senior vice president of global sales and marketing at Digi International. “To make widespread deployment a reality, the industry needs open architecture and lower cost solutions for connecting large Smart Energy device deployments. The ConnectPort X2e leverages experience into a platform designed to solve real world deployment challenges.”

The ConnectPort X2e’s additional processing power allows support for more complex local energy efficiency applications, and the increased memory enables support for the impending ZigBee Smart Energy 2.0 standard. The gateway runs the open platform Linux operating system. As part of the open Digi X-Grid™ solutions, the gateway can connect to numerous types of devices to enable a wide range of services. The gateway also connects to the iDigi Device Cloud for installation and management of connected devices and is programmable in iDigi’s application framework.

The ConnectPort X2e for Smart Energy is available now. A Wi-Fi version will be released in Q2 2012.