“˜NIMBY’ attitude stalling U.S. growth, says AEP Chairman, Michael Morris


Michael Morris,
Chairman, AEP
Electricity growth has increased over the last decade. Coal in particular accounts for over 50 percent of U.S. electricity and over 32 percent of its carbon emissions. However, with constant media coverage on the urgency to use renewable energy to power our homes, utility leaders seem to be fighting a time-battle to create innovative ways to produce energy whilst keeping up with user demand.

Unfortunately, this is not the only problem they seem to be facing. In an interview on MeettheBoss.com, Michael Morris, Chairman of American Electric Power says that any move towards a cleaner energy future will have to combat two, major challenges: NIMBYs and a lack of proper federal legislative control.

“There is an inertia in the country of nothing in my backyard,” says Morris. “We all want energy. We want all of it that we can get. We want it cheap, and we want it clean, and we want no opportunity to see where it came from.”

Morris’s concerns should be taken seriously. AEP is the largest electricity generator in America, delivering electricity to more than 5 million customers in 11 states over 39,000 miles of network. His influence in creating a sustainable future will be vital over the next decade.

Morris believes that now is the perfect time to build out a better electricity network. “It’s great for jobs [and] if we’re ultimately going to make this country greener and less dependent on fossil-based fuels, it’s essential,” he says. “Federal legislative control and a legislative federal cost allocation authority would really take down the barriers that are holding back the capital investment needed.”

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