Non-volatile data storage/processing system launched


Colorado Springs, CO, U.S.A. — (METERING.COM) — September 25, 2007 – Ramtron International Corporation, a developer and supplier of non-volatile ferroelectric random access memory (F-RAM) and integrated semiconductor products, has launched the VRS51L3072, an 8051-based microcontroller with 2KB of non-volatile F-RAM memory. Ramtron has added F-RAM to its Versa 8051s for a quick and reliable non-volatile data storage and processing system that is ideal for saving system status, data logging, and storing non-volatile variables in a range of applications from sensors and meters to industrial controls, instrumentation and medical devices.

“We have expanded the Versa 8051 family with the 2KB F-RAM MCU for our customers who require a lower density F-RAM for real-time data collection and storage. The high-performance core in the VRS51L3072 controls peripherals and gathers data, and its onboard digital signal processing (DSP) functions process the data, which is then stored in F-RAM,” says David Lee, Ramtron International Strategic Marketing Manager. “Pin-compatible with our 8KB F-RAM MCUs, it’s a cost effective alternative for applications that require less than 8KB of F-RAM.”

F-RAM simplifies the design cycle by eliminating the code overhead accompanying Flash data storage, and the limited endurance and drawn out write cycles of Flash/EEPROM. Unlike Flash, F-RAM bytes can be modified without first erasing an entire sector, rendering it easier to use. And unlike Flash/EEPROM, F-RAM provides virtually unlimited read/write cycles and fast data writes.

The VRS51L3072 combines 2KB of F-RAM with a fully integrated, high-performance system-on-chip. Features include an advanced 40-MIPS, single-cycle 8051-core, 64KB Flash with in-system/in-application programming, 4KB SRAM, DSP extensions, and a robust digital peripheral set. Operating at 3.3 volts over the entire industrial temperature range, the VRS51L3072 is an ideal embedded data acquisition solution for a wide array of advanced applications.