NYISO demand response programs take shape


New York, NY, U.S.A. — (METERING.COM) — July 1, 2008 – The Council of Industry has selected Comverge Inc., a clean capacity provider through demand response and energy efficiency, as the association’s preferred Curtailment Services Provider for the New York Independent System Operators’ (NYISO) demand response programs. The Council of Industry will recommend Comverge to all its members for load-shedding programs.

Comverge provides innovative solutions that reduce peak electricity costs and increase grid reliability. The company provides environmentally friendly solutions through the deployment of virtual peaking capacity programs, load management and control systems, real-time energy data collection and management and other cost-saving initiatives.

Specifically, many Council members may be able to take advantage of the various NYISO programs which provide financial incentive to program participants who are able to shed electrical loads in response to either market price or capacity criteria. Comverge would serve as the registered curtailment provider which would identify the appropriate NYISO programs, the curtailment mechanisms and amounts, and would facilitate the process from registration, capture of the requisite meter data, notification of opportunity or obligation, communication with the NYISO, and curtailment compliance and financial settlement.

"This is part of our overall plan to help our 135 manufacturing members cope with the rising cost of energy in our region," said Harold King, executive vice president for the Council of Industry. "Comverge comes with a proven track record and much experience working in the energy industry and with manufacturing companies. It is a good fit and we are happy to recommend Comverge demand response programs to our members."

"The Council of Industry promotes the success of its members in all aspects of business, including assisting member businesses in reducing the costs of running a business," said Dean Musser, president and COO of Comverge’s Enerwise Group. "As energy prices continue to rise around the country, demand response programs are an increasingly critical tool to ease some of the load on our national grid. The Council of Industry is looking to the future for its manufacturing members."