US utilities partner in energy efficiency deal


The deal includes the Port Washington-based Franklin Energy Services implementing and managing energy efficiency programmes for the two AvanGrid owned utilities.

The projects will focus on helping residential, commercial and industrial customers to implement sustainable energy usage behaviours, save energy and money.

The energy efficiency initiatives will provide the 1.2 million electricity and 575,000 natural gas utility customers with rebates for energy saved.

[quote] The firm plans to open a new office in Rochester to simplify implementation of the energy efficiency measures for RG&E customers in the New York state city.

Kevin McDonough, president of Franklin Energy Services, commented: “Based on the needs of NYSEG and RG&E, we built an integrated solution utilizing three of our four applications.”

Energy efficiency in New York

In other news, in early August, the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) selected energy management firm Noveda Technologies for the rollout of an energy efficiency project.

NYSERDA said it will use Noveda Technology’s solution in its Real Time Energy Management (RTEM) programme.

The RTEM is designed to help owners of commercial buildings in New York to lower their energy usage and costs through the use of advanced technologies. [New York governor announces smart grid lab partnership]

The authority will provide $30 million for the implementation of the project aiming to help owners of the office buildings, universities, hospitals and retail stores to cut energy, operations and management costs by 5% to 25%.

Noveda will provide its hardware including sensors and smart meters as well as its software technology to help building operators to analyse, manage and control their power usage in real time.


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