NYSEG to start AMI rollout under Energy Smart Community pilot


According to a local publication, NYSEG will install some 12,400 smart electric meters and 7,300 smart gas meters under efforts to automate its billing processes.

The project is part of the utility’s Energy Smart Community pilot programme and will be deployed in NYSEG’s service territory in Dryden, Etna, Freeville, Groton, Ithaca and Lansing towns.

NYSEG says it developed the Energy Smart Community pilot project to find new ways to encourage clean energy innovations, deploy new technologies and business solutions to improve customer services and the reliability of its grid network.

NYSEG claims smart meters will enable the energy provider to eliminate estimated billing and improve management of its grid network through the provision of real-time notifications on outages and accurate energy consumption data.

The advanced meters will help consumers to improve their energy efficiency by participating in energy efficiency and demand response programmes.

The smart meters and the Energy Smart Community pilot projects are efforts by NYSEG to meet goals set under the New York State’s Reforming the Energy Vision (REV).

By deploying the REV programme, the New York State government aims to by 2030 reduce carbon emissions by 40% from 1990 levels, generate 50% of total energy using renewable energy resources and improve energy efficiency in buildings by 23% from 2012 levels.

NYSEG and consumer smart grid awareness

In early May, NYSEG had launched a programme aimed at increasing consumer awareness on the benefits of the Energy Smart Community programme.

NYSEG partnered with the Cornell Cooperative Extension and energy services company AvanGrid to improve energy stakeholders’ awareness on the advantages of a smart grid being developed under the utility’s Energy Smart Community programme.

The three parties said they will host some seven workshops informing consumers on the status of the Energy Smart Community initiative as well as how to make use of technologies being deployed under the programme.

In Tompkins County alone, the project is expected to help the County reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 80% from 2008 levels by 2050.


Image Credit: 123rf.