O2 and AT&T partner on home energy management platform


The partnership was one of many announced at this year’s global consumer electronics and consumer technology tradeshow CES 2016 in Las Vegas.

AT&T’s Digital Life platform will be made available to O2’s 25 million customers, which will allow homeowners to monitor and adjust heating temperatures, electricity consumption and water use when they away.

O2 will be the first commercial provider of the Digital Life home management and automation platform in Europe, and marks its entry into the domestic energy management market, according to Edie.net.

David Plumb, digital director at O2, commented: “Across a range of sectors, we’ve already seen technology evolve from analogue to digital to smart. But when it comes to our homes, the experience is mostly stuck in analogue.”

German technology company Tado has developed a smart control for energy efficiency in the platform, which adjusts energy consumption levels according to occupancy in the home.

Christian Deilmann, founder of Tado, said: “There are perfect synergies between the collaborators on this project.

“At Tado, we focus purely on climate control. We deliver products and intelligent algorithms for the highest possible comfort and efficiency at home.

“Together with O2 and AT&T, customers can experience a truly comprehensive smart home.”

Mobile tech has potential to reduce emissions

Edie.net added that a report by communication technology and services provider Ericsson indicates that the spread of mobile devices and use of smart technology has the potential to reduce carbon greenhouse emissions by 15% by 2030.

On a industrial scale, O2’s partner AT&T also announced that it is piloting a smart cities framework to the state of Chicago along with partners Cisco, Deloitte, Ericsson, GE, IBM, Intel, and Qualcomm, to build more connected communities through IoT technology.

IoT tech developed in conjunction with AT&T’s partners will also be used to connect communities with electricity meters, water meters and systems and streetlights.

According to a company statement, AT&T is also “developing a new digital dashboard that gives cities a high-level look at their communities’ conditions.

“The Smart City Network Operation Center offers cities a dashboard view of how assets are performing in near-real time. City officials can keep tabs on power outages, water leaks, traffic issues, and more – all from one location.”