US utility enhances demand response with OATI solution


In a combined statement, OATI said the integration of its webDistribute platform in AEP’s grid network aims to help the utility enhance the management of its commercial and industrial loads in PJM’s Emergency Market.

The PJM Interconnection is a regional transmission network of wholesale electricity connecting Delaware, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Maryland, Michigan, New Jersey, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia and the District of Columbia to serve some 61 million consumers.

OATI claims its technology seamlessly and securely integrates with various utility systems such as advanced metering infrastructure, meter data management and supervisory control and data acquisition systems, to allow the creation and deployment of DR programmes for better management of peak loads and economic performance.

[quote] The installation of the solution replaced an in-house customer communication system which the utility was using to monitor and manage its DR activities.

The use of the technology provides AEP with new DR platforms including the ‘discretionary buy-through’, ‘advanced time of day’ and ‘critical peak pricing’ programmes.

In addition to webDistribute, AEP is also equipped with the US smart grid solutions provider’s web-based customer portal, webSmartView, to allow customers to view the current status of DR events, receive notification via email and/or text message of upcoming DR events, status and end of the events. [US utility partners with OATI for energy trading and risk solution].

OATI said it will carry out continuous updating of the two systems for them to stay current trends within the PJM programme.

Grid load management

In early April, OATI announced its partnership with North Carolina utility for rollout of a grid load management solution. Under the agreement, the firm said it will help the Fayetteville Public Works Department (PWC) to monitor voltage data, perform peak shaving and reduce demand charges.

The US headquartered solutions provider said it will combine its webDistribute CVR and GridControl solutions for deployment in PWC’s system comprising of 87,000 electricity consumers in the Fayetteville and Cumberland counties area of North Carolina.

The integration of the solutions will allow the utility to perform Conservation Voltage Reduction through centralised control of devices and switch capacitors in accordance to voltage levels and grid conditions.

Sasan Mokhtari, CEO of OATI commented: “Through webDistribute CVR and GridControl, PWC will have an innovative and integrated hardware and software solution that utilizes rigid cyber security measures.”


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