OEB issues amendment for Smart Metering Initiative

Toronto, ON, Canada — (METERING.COM) — September 18, 2007 – The Ontario Energy Board (OEB) yesterday issued an amendment to the Standard Supply Service (SSS) Code relating to the implementation of smart meters in Ontario.

In terms of the amendment, licensed distributors will be required to provide direct notice, either by means of a bill insert or by other direct means, such as a letter, other direct mailing or telephone, to consumers of their election to implement time-of-use (TOU) pricing prior to the date on which TOU pricing becomes mandatory for all consumers in the province that have an eligible time-of-use meter.

This amendment was proposed at the same time that the Board adopted other amendments to the SSS Code, the Distribution System Code and the Retail Settlement Code pertaining to transition period during which smart meters are deployed and enrolled in the meter data management and meter data repository that is currently under development.

The SSS Code establishes the rules by which licensed distributors implement the Regulated Price Plan for Ontario’s Smart Metering Initiative (SMI).

In its commentary on the amendment the OEB said that interested parties had commented on the broader issue of the need for a transition strategy and for coordinated consumer communications in order to facilitate the transition to TOU pricing, and that these comments will be taken into account as it proceeds with the performance of its own SMI-related responsibilities.

The government of Ontario has committed to install smart electricity meters in 800,000 homes and small businesses in the province by 2007 and throughout Ontario by 2010.
The Ontario Energy Board is the province’s electricity and natural gas sector regulator.