Okaloosa Gas deploys AMR system


The Okaloosa Gas District in Texas has awarded a contract to Datamatic, Ltd. to supply 45,000 FIREFLY® gas meter interface units as part of a multi-year AMR system deployment. The FIREFLY system improves meter reading efficiency and equips utilities with customer service and operational tools by combining proven AMR technologies with advanced data-logging functions.

The system can be adapted to virtually any meter, and Okaloosa will install FIREFLY MIUs on a mix of residential and C&I meters manufactured by American, Schlumberger, Sprague and Rockwell, Invensys and Equimeter. All these MIUs archive consumption data at user-definable intervals, using a feature called ProfilePLUS™. When set to record hourly readings, the MIUs can hold over 330 days of hourly consumption data.