Omnetric Group – a new smart grid JV from Siemens and Accenture


A new smart grid joint venture, Omnetric Group, is to be established by Siemens and Accenture focused on solution for the integration of operational technologies (OT) with information technologies (IT).

The company will be headquartered in Munich and will employ approximately 100 people in its first year. Its business operations will focus initially on Europe and the U.S., with further global expansion planned in the future.

Omnetric Group will focus on solutions and services for system integration and management of the growing volume of data created as part of power grid operation. These offerings will enable utilities to integrate OT, such as real time grid management, with IT like smart metering.

Such solutions and services are aimed to address a host of the challenges that energy utilities are facing today. In Europe, for example, the rapid rise of distributed power generation is putting pressure on energy prices and threatening energy utilities’ business models. At the same time, this growing influx of intermittent power from renewable sources jeopardizes the stability of the grid. In North America, an aging infrastructure and higher frequency of natural disasters are threatening supply security.

“Utilities can improve overall grid reliability and bridge the gap to real time grid control through integration and implementation of new and previously isolated grid applications,” said Jan Mrosik, CEO of Siemens’ Smart Grid Division, in a statement.

“Utilities are seeking ways to increase capital effectiveness and reduce their costs of operations, while integrating an increasing amount of distributed renewable generation and electric vehicles into their electricity networks,” added Jack Azagury, global managing director for Accenture’s Smart Grid Services. “Doing so requires an enterprise view of systems and data through the integration of traditional IT solutions with the operational solutions required to manage the grid.”

Omnetric Group will begin operations pending regulatory approval and other closing conditions.

The CEO designate is Maikel van Verseveld, executive partner at Accenture.