Oncor reaches 1 million smart meters


Jim Greer, Senior
Vice President of
Asset Management &
Engineering, Oncor
Dallas, TX, U.S.A. — (METERING.COM) — June 3, 2010 – Oncor’s Smart Texas® project yesterday passed the 1 million smart meters installed milestone since the project began in 2008.

By 2012, Oncor expects to complete the upgrade of more than 3 million meters throughout its service area. The one millionth smart meter was installed in Waco.

“Breaking the 1 million meter threshold is a significant milestone,” said the company’s senior vice president of asset management and engineering Jim Greer. “This has been a great team effort, and we’re very proud of all the individuals who contributed to the attainment of this achievement.”

Oncor customers with smart meters have access to daily and cumulative energy costs, carbon footprint impact and prices per kilowatt hour through energy management devices and online through Smart Meter Texas™.

If all the customers in Oncor’s service area adjusted their electricity usage because of readily available consumption information, they could potentially save a total of up to $250 million annually and minimize the need for up to a dozen new power plants over the next decade.

Oncor’s operation is also beginning to benefit from the information provided by the smart metering system, for example to better pinpoint where outages have occurred.  

“We’re still working to fully link our smart meter and outage management systems, but we’re already using this new information to detect and respond to customer outages,” continued Greer.  “Our capabilities in this area will continue to improve as we continue to upgrade our metering technology.”