Oncor seeks stimulus funds for real-time dynamic transmission line study


Bob Shapard,
Chairman & CEO,
Dallas, TX, U.S.A. — (METERING.COM) — August 27, 2009 – Texas utility Oncor has announced that it has applied for $3.5 million in smart grid stimulus funding for a regional demonstration to create a unique installation of tension monitoring equipment capable of real-time, transmission line capacity analysis.

If awarded the funding, Oncor would install technology on eight high voltage lines in Bell, Bosque, Falls, Hill, McLennan and Williamson counties in central Texas as part of a three-and-a-half-year study.

“Oncor is committed to developing technology that improves service and reliability, as well as lowering costs to consumers,” said Bob Shapard, chairman and CEO of Oncor.  “In this project, Oncor would be testing sensors in 26 locations that would indicate how much additional capacity is available on a transmission circuit.”

Oncor would contribute $3.8 million in capital costs to fund the demonstration project.   

Over the life of the study, Oncor will incorporate readings from the dynamic line rating devices into its transmission management system. Oncor plans to analyze the impact of the new technology on the congested north-south transmission corridor, determine a method for establishing day-ahead readings and help develop easy-to-use tools for managing transmission grids. The technology will undergo a cost-benefit analysis to evaluate whether it delivers real savings.

“This project could be a bellwether for other transmission grid operators,” Shapard said. “Although this would be an experimental project, Oncor believes the technology is promising.”

Earlier this year, Oncor applied for $317 million in stimulus funds for three projects, including $200 million for the company’s advanced metering system installation.